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IC-5 Ingredients

Does IC-5 contain calcium?

No, IC-5 does not contain calcium. Click Here To Learn More About IC-5

Does IC-5 contain corn or any ingredients derived from corn?

No, IC-5 does not contain corn or any ingredient derived from corn. Click Here To Learn More About IC-5

Is the cinnamon concentrate used in MetaboGreens the same as the cinnamon extract used in IC-5?

No, it is not. The cinnamon concentrate found in MetaboGreens is one of the ingredients in Spectra™ antioxidant blend, which you can learn more about through the following links:. Spectra website. Study: New insights on effects of a dietary supplemen

What does 25:1 mean when discussing the cinnamon bark ratio in IC-5?

The simplest way to think about this is to say that 1kg of our cinnamon extract is equivalent to 25kg of regular cinnamon. In other words, our cinnamon extract is standardized to provide 25 TIMES the amount of the unique bioactive compounds (e.g., po

What is Benfotiamine?

Found in our product IC-5, Benfotiamine is a derivative of Thiamine. It helps burn off and block the body’s ability to manufacture Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs). AGEs play a significant role in oxidative stress, impaired glucose function, an

Which ingredient in IC-5 specifically helps partition carbs to muscle and not fat?

Berberine, which is the second ingredient in IC-5. Beberine is a rare plant alkaloid that has been used for centuries by healers in India. Berberine is slightly unique in that it works by improving signaling between insulin and its associated recepto

Why do you use Cinnamomum Cassia in IC-5?

IC-5 contains this version of Cinnamon for the simple reason that it is the form of Cinnamon that has predominantly been used in scientific research, which has shown to provide the greatest benefits on insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate tolerance.