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How does Ageless Sight work?Updated 2 years ago

Ageless Sight features a combination of vital eye nutrients:

1) Xanthosight, which delivers not just one or two macular carotenoids, but all three -- Lutein, Zeaxanthin AND Meso-Zeaxanthin -- in a clinically validated 10:10:2 ratio; and

2) AstaReal Astaxanthin, nature’s most potent antioxidant.

Xanthosight supports eye health due to its potent antioxidant and blue-light filtering capacity, and it has been shown in clinical research to increase macular pigment (i.e., nourishing the macula in the back of the eye), and as an added bonus, support cognitive function.

Meanwhile, AstaReal Astaxanthin provides support for the hard-working ciliary muscles in the front of the eye, which can be strained with digital device use.

The ingredients in Ageless Sight have been shown to help improve a variety of measures of visual performance including:

  • Contrast Sensitivity - The ability to see objects against a background
  • Visual Acuity - The ability to see clearly and in detail (e.g., eye chart)
  • Processing Speed - The amount of time to make a correct judgement of visual stimulus
  • Blue Light Defense - The body’s internal blue light filter protects our vision from the destructive effects of potentially harmful light
  • Glare Recovery - Recovery (of vision) from high-intensity lights

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