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How does Joint 33X™ work?Updated 6 months ago

The joint-nourishing ingredients in Joint 33X™ provide a three-pronged approach to:

  • revitalize tired and worn joints

  • support joint health

  • improve joint comfort

  • reduce joint stiffness

  • promote joint mobility

  • improve quality of life

  • optimize muscle strength (that may be compromised due to joint discomfort)

Joint discomfort, stiffness, and occasional activity-related flare-ups can often be traced back to three common problems:

  1. Poor collagen health and reduced collagen formation
  2. Decreased quantity and quality of hyaluronic acid
  3. Increased joint tissue breakdown (i.e., increased collagen degradation)

Build and restore with UC-II®. 

UC-II® helps generate healthy collagen (the main structural protein in bones, cartilage, skin, and tendons) for better joint comfort, increased mobility, reduced stiffness, and improved quality of life. 

Lubricate with Mobilee® (formerly known as Hyal-Joint®). 

Hyal-Joint® stimulates the body’s production of hyaluronic acid, the chief component of the synovial fluid responsible for cushioning and lubricating joints, thereby promoting joint comfort, reducing stiffness, and improving muscle function. 

Protect with Après-Flex®. 

AprèsFlex® protects against collagen degradation and supports healthy joints and reductions in activity-related flare-ups. 

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