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If I only eat one meal per day, when do I take BioTrust products? Will they still help me?Updated 2 years ago

For best results, we recommend that you follow the stated directions on the label. For certain products, this involves taking the supplement twice daily with food. In the event that you incorporate a form of fasting that involves eating a limited number of meals and/or during a time-restricted window, we recommend that you space out the servings as closely as possible to the stated directions.

For instance, if it is recommended to take the supplement with breakfast and dinner, and you only eat dinner, take the first serving in the morning (i.e., normal breakfast time) and the second serving in the evening with a meal. One exception would be Pro-X10; you may take both capsules at a single meal. 

For supplements that are directed to be taken with a meal, please note that there may be an advantage (e.g., digestion) to taking them with food. As individuals vary, so too may results.


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