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What does the "Best By" or "Best Before" date on my BioTrust product mean?Updated 2 years ago

In the eyes of the FDA, the terminology “expiration date,” “best by” date, “shelf date,” and “best before” may be used interchangeably. In other words, regardless of whether a product has an “expiration date," “best by,” or "best before" date, the meaning is the same. 

The expiration or best by date is determined by stability (i.e., shelf-life) testing, which means that we have data verifying that a product will retain its potency (i.e., meet or exceed label claims) until the date provided when the recommended storage conditions are met. This doesn’t mean that the products “go bad” or “don’t work” after the posted date; it simply means that’s the time period for which we have stability data to substantiate the date published.

As a reminder, the FDA does not require expiration dates on dietary supplements. While expiration dates are not required, the FDA regulations require scientifically valid data to support the expiration dates when included on product labels (shelf-life testing).

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