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Why should I use Ageless TriCollagen?Updated 9 months ago

Collagen is the most abundant, and arguably the most important, protein in the body, as it’s the primary structural protein in our skin, bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, gut lining, and more. It’s like the glue that supports, connects, and holds everything together – not to mention, helping us look, feel and act young and vibrant. 

When you’re young, your body makes all the collagen it needs, but after the age of 20, research shows that collagen decreases by about 11 – 13% each passing decade, and over time, this helps explain why skin looks older (thinner, drier, saggier and more wrinkled, for example) as we age…why joints become stiffer…and why we feel, well, older overall as we age. The good news is Ageless TriCollagen helps combat this age-related collagen decline – and myriad physical side effects that come along with it – by providing hydrolyzed collagen peptides, which both stimulate the body’s production of collagen (as well as elastin and hyaluronic acid) and provide the building blocks (i.e., amino acids) that get incorporated into the collagen found in various tissues of the body, such as the skin, joints (i.e., cartilage), tendons, ligaments, gut lining and more.

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