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What is Ageless Biome?

Ageless Biome was designed to be a best-in-class POSTbiotic supplement available today, and we're certain you'll agree it is. That's because it provides you two clinically-tested postbiotic support ingredients, including the patented ButyraGen, which

What is a postbiotic?

According to the International Scientific Association for Prebiotics and Probiotics (ISAPP), a postbiotic is defined as “a preparation of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that confers a health benefit on the host”. If you’re scratchin

How does Ageless Biome work?

The end goal of taking PRE and PRObiotics is to make POSTbiotics, of which the best known and studied is the short-chain fatty acid butyrate. However, this takes time, is highly individualistic and heavily influenced by a variety of factors – both wi

What is the best way to use Ageless Biome?

Take two (2) capsules, with or without food, in the morning. Click Here To Learn More About Ageless Biome

How long do I have to use Ageless Biome before I see results?

Because each person is unique, it’s important to give Ageless Multi-Collagen + Keto an honest chance to work by consistently taking it as recommended for at least 30 - 45 days. With that being said, studies have shown that daily supplementation with

With what other BioTRUST products does Ageless Biome work best?

While Ageless Biome can safely be used with all BioTRUST products, it is best used along with complementary products that provide additional support for gut health and whole-body wellness, such as Gut Reg, Pro-X10, AbsorbMax, Sol Joy, OmegaKrill and