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Joint 33X Ingredients

Does Joint 33X contain any GMO ingredients?

No, Joint 33X is non-GMO. Click Here To Learn More About Joint 33X

Does Joint 33X contain magnesium?

No, Joint 33X does not contain magnesium. Click Here To Learn More About Joint 33X

From what vegetable is the vegetable stearate in Joint 33x derived?

The source is coconut or palm oil for the stearic acid and magnesium oxide from the earth reacted together to create magnesium stearate. Magnesium stearate is another name for vegetable stearate. In either case, it's a "salt" (chemistry term) compose

From where do we source the ingredients in Joint 33X?

UC-II - United States. Mobilee® - Spain. ApresFlex - India. Click Here To Learn More About Joint 33X

What is AprèsFlex

AprèsFlex® is a research-backed, branded ingredient that targets mediators (e.g., 5-LOX, MMP-3) of joint comfort and flexibility. These mediators contribute to the degradation of collagen, which is the primary component of connective tissues (e.g., b

What is Mobilee?

Mobilee is a branded, research-backed ingredient that provides hyaluronic acid, the chief component of the synovial fluid, which helps reduce the friction between joints (i.e., articulating bones). Joint wear and tear is typically characterized by re

What is the source of collagen in Joint 33X?

The collagen in Joint 33X is sourced from chicken sternum. Click Here To Learn More About Joint 33X

What is UC-11?

UC-II® is a branded, patented, research-backed ingredient that provides a unique, highly effective form of undenatured collagen. Collagen is the primary structural protein in connective tissue, like bones, cartilage, skin, and tendons. UC-II® is supp

Does BioTrust have any products that contain Boswellia?

Yes, Joint 33X contains AprèsFlex®, which is a research-backed, “next generation” extract of . In a head-to-head comparison, AprèsFlex has been shown to outperform other popular extracts (e.g., 5-Loxin), and research has shown that taking 100mg of Ap

Does Joint 33X contain calcium?

No, Joint 33X does not contain calcium. Click Here To Learn More About Joint 33X

Why doesn’t Joint 33X™ contain common joint health ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin?

The research (more than 9 human studies) on the ingredients on Joint 33X™ conclusively suggests significant improvement in joint mobility, comfort, stiffness, flexibility, as well as quality of life and physical function—all in as little as FIVE DAYS