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Can Ageless Bright be used for dark circles around the eyes?Updated a year ago

Dark circles under the eyes are thought to be the result of excessive pigmentation—which may have a genetic base and/or may result from excess sun exposure, for example. Because it appears to be a pigmentation issue, it’s possible that Ageless Bright could be helpful, as it is designed to help even pigmentation and skin tone. Although our research has not specifically looked at the effects on dark circles under the eyes, several ingredients in Ageless Bright have been shown in clinical studies to reduce pigmentation.

That said, it’s possible that Ageless Bright could help reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes provided, of course, that the circles are the result of hyperpigmentation. All that said, we do emphasize caution when using the product on the face to be sure not to get it in one’s eyes.

The common thought is that dark circles appear under the eyes due to lack of sleep, fatigue, staying up too late, etc. However, true dark circles under the eyes (also called periorbital hyperpigmentation, or POH) give the look of tiredness.

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