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Can Ageless Bright be used for dark circles around the eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are thought to be the result of excessive pigmentation—which may have a genetic base and/or may result from excess sun exposure, for example. Because it appears to be a pigmentation issue, it’s possible that Ageless Bright

Can I use Ageless Bright if I have dry, oily, or sensitive skin?

We carefully formulated Ageless Bright to be a non-GMO, hypoallergenic advanced pigment serum that is safe for all skin types. Ageless Bright features safe, naturally-derived, non-toxic ingredients. As always, if you have any questions, we advise you

Does Ageless Bright clog your pores?

Ageless Bright is “non-comedogenic,” which is a term applied to skincare products specifically formulated so that they do not block pores. Click Here To Learn More About Ageless Bright

Has any animal testing been conducted during the development of Ageless Bright?

No, Ageless Bright is cruelty-free. It has not been tested on any animals and no animals were harmed to produce this product. Click Here To Learn More About Ageless Bright

How much serum is in each bottle of Ageless Bright?

Each bottle of Ageless Bright contains 30mL, or 1 ounce, of serum. On average, each 30mL bottle of Ageless Bright is intended to last about 30 days when used as recommended. Of course, the more of the product you use, the faster it will go. In other

How quickly will I see a difference in my skin with the use of Ageless Bright?

Results are individual and depend on many factors, including age and condition of the skin. Because each person is unique, we encourage you to give Ageless Bright an honest chance to work by consistently using it as recommended for at least 60 days.

Is Ageless Bright safe for use by all ethnicities?

Ageless Bright was carefully formulated with gentle, naturally-derived, non-toxic ingredients—and without the use of harsh bleaching agents—to be safe for all skin types. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we advise you to consult with

Can men use Ageless Bright?

Absolutely! Admittedly, skincare products are typically marketed toward women. However, men have skin too, and whether or not they care to admit it, theirs needs just as much TLC (if not more). If you’re a man looking to boost your grooming routine,

What is Ageless Bright?

Ageless Bright is an advanced pigment serum that:. Helps reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion. Helps reduce the appearance of age spots (which are also often called dark spots, sun spots or liver spots). Supports more even skin tone and pigment

What specifically makes Ageless Bright the most advanced pigmentation skin serum of its kind?

Ageless Bright has been carefully and thoughtfully formulated to provide key, naturally-derived, science-supported ingredients that have been shown to successfully deliver real, radiant results. Yet what’s in Ageless Bright is just as important as wh

Where can I apply Ageless Bright?

Ageless Bright is intended to be applied to your face, neck, hands, chest, arms, or wherever dark spots, uneven pigmentation and signs of photoaging occur. Click Here To Learn More About Ageless Bright