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How much of the protein in BioTrust Low Carb will my body absorb?Updated 6 months ago

With the addition of the digestive enzyme Prohydrolase to our Low Carb protein supplement, you'll be able to absorb and utilize up to 95% of the protein! The nature of the time-released blend and the low-temperature processing lends itself to much higher absorption and utilization rates.

If you take a 24 gram dose of Low Carb (2 scoops), you will absorb NO LESS than 23 grams and, most likely, all 24 grams! Typically, whey protein is digested at about a rate of 8 grams per hour, and it generally has a transit time of about 1.5 hours (that transit time can vary depending on the study we use for reference). For a traditional whey protein product, that means that your body can absorb and effectively utilize 12 grams of the protein. Some "leading brands" add Aminogen to their products, which can increase the rate of digestion. High-heat processing also makes other protein products more difficult to break down and absorb.

At the end of the day, with the traditional whey protein products, the most you'll get out of a 40 gram dose of whey protein is 12 - 20 grams.

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