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Is the milk used in BioTrust Low Carb pasteurized or raw?Updated 6 months ago

As required by law, all commercially-available milk and milk-based protein supplements sold in the US must be pasteurized (whether they are sourced from US, New Zealand, Australia, etc.). Thus, all of our milk proteins come from milk that has been pasteurized at the lowest amount of heat allowed by law. This does not denature the healthy proteins, beneficial co-factors, immunoglobulins, growth factors, etc.

How the milk is handled after pasteurization is also of critical importance, as the processing seems to make a significant difference in the overall quality, digestibility, and bioavailability of the valuable proteins and amino acids. Specifically, the vast majority of protein supplements are processed using high heat and chemical (e.g., acid) processing. This can damage the proteins, and perhaps more importantly, it can render specific inherent biological factors and components (e.g., enzymes, immunoglobulins, etc.), which provide potential health benefits useless. 

BioTrust Low Carb is carefully processed using a proprietary, cold-temperature, microfiltration process to ensure the most biologically available form of the protein is delivered to you along with these potentially health-promoting biological factors and components. With regard to specifics, this proprietary cold-processing technique is conducted at 60-degrees Fahrenheit.

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