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What are the ingredients in Ageless Muscle?Updated 10 months ago

  • myHMB®, an amino acid metabolite, is a superhero ingredient for muscle preservation and building, as it uniquely turns on muscle protein synthesis (i.e., muscle building) while also inhibiting muscle breakdown – a double whammy for building and maintaining muscle size and strength. With over 50 human studies, 40 review studies, and 4 meta-analyses proving its effectiveness, it has been shown to improve body composition, increase muscle mass and strength (even without exercise), reduce muscle damage and soreness, accelerate recovery from exercise, and improve functional reserve and muscle work capacity. But here's the catch: getting enough HMB from food alone is incredibly challenging, especially as you age. Consider, for example, that you’d need to consume around 600 grams of high-quality protein to get sufficient HMB from food. That’s the equivalent of 30 scoops of whey protein! That's why a supplement providing the right type of HMB is crucial. But not just any HMB will do; don’t settle for anything less than myHMB, THE safest, most studied form of HMB on the planet. 
  • Creatine, a naturally occurring compound found mainly in red meat and seafood, is the ultimate energy molecule that fuels one of the key energy systems for your muscles—the phosphagen system. This system fuels short, high-intensity activities essential to maintain your muscle mass, strength, and power as you age. Speaking of age, As we age, we typically have lower levels of creatine due to dietary changes and reduced enzyme production. What about safety? With over 50 years of research under its belt, creatine is arguably the most studied and most popular active nutrition supplement of all time, with an incredible record for both safety and efficacy. But not just any creatine will do. We not only use the most researched form of creatine – called creatine monohydrate – we take it a step further and use micronized creatine monohydrate, which makes it more easily absorbed by the body to support the best results.
  • Betaine, a powerful nutrient that’s found naturally in foods like beets, seafood and spinach, helps pull water into your muscle cells and keep them properly hydrated, a critical factor for healthy muscle function. Low betaine levels are correlated with age-related muscle loss, so ensuring sufficient betaine intake is crucial. On the other hand, higher intakes of betaine have been associated with greater lean body mass and less age-related muscle loss in middle-aged and older adults; in fact, middle-aged adults with the highest betaine intakes demonstrate increases in muscle mass over a 3-year period.
  • Vitamin D helps unlock the benefits of HMB in your body, making it essential for healthy muscle function. Studies show incredible synergy between vitamin D and HMB; for example, without adequate vitamin D levels, HMB won't work as effectively, if at all. What’s more, studies on vitamin D supplementation have shown that, on its own, it may improve muscle strength, mass and function, particularly in individuals with low levels of vitamin D. Of course, low vitamin D is a prevalent issue today, especially among those who are middle-aged and beyond.

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