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Ageless Muscle — Muscle Support and Function Supplement

What does Ageless Muscle Do?

Ageless Muscle was thoughtfully and uniquely formulated to help you stay lean, strong and fit as you age by combatting age-related losses in muscle mass and strength, which may be the most overlooked yet potentially devastating and life-threatening t

How does Ageless Muscle Work?

The power of Ageless Muscle to combat losses in muscle mass and strength can be traced back to its four clinically-studied ingredients, which work uniquely and synergistically to help you stay lean, strong, and fit as you age:

What are the ingredients in Ageless Muscle?

How should Ageless Muscle be used in conjunction with other Biotrust products?

Ageless Muscle can safely be used with all BioTRUST products; in other words, there are no products that it isn’t compatible with. Having said that, Ageless Muscle pairs particularly well with the following products, which provide additional support

Are there any allergy concerns with Ageless Muscle?

Ageless Muscle does not contain any ingredients derived from the 8 major allergens. The product is manufactured in a facility that also processes egg, milk, soy, sesame, fish, crustacean shellfish, and tree nuts. Always review the label for the most

Is Ageless Muscle gluten-free?

Yes, Ageless Muscle is gluten-free.

Can vegetarians use Ageless Muscle?

Ageless Muscle is vegetarian-friendly BUT it is not vegan-friendly (the vitamin D is derived from lanolin which comes from sheep wool).