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What is an In House Credit?Updated a month ago

Instead of returning a product for a refund, we offer a 125% In-House Credit (IHC) option. It's a credit held on your account to be applied towards a future purchase of your choice.

As an example, if the product you purchased was $87.00, your 125% In-House Credit amount would be $108.75! 

Notes about In-House Credits:

  • IHCs are calculated on the value of the product you want to return, not the entire order total.
  • IHCs cannot be redeemed on our online store. Please contact customer service to apply your IHC to your new order.
  • IHCs do not cover shipping costs or state sales tax.
  • IHCs must be redeemed within 1 year of the date of issue.
  • IHCs may not be used on Subscribe & Save orders.
  • All IHCs are final which includes returning the original product for a financial refund and any products purchased using an In House Credit.
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