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What is ProHydrolase?Updated 6 months ago

ProHydrolase® is a specialized enzyme blend that helps break down protein efficiently and completely so that the body can maximize the absorption of amino acids, as well as minimize GI discomfort associated with inadequate digestion of proteins. 

Benefits of ProHydrolase® include:

  • Digests protein into bioavailable form to increase protein absorption

  • Maximizes availability of amino acids

  • Minimizes stomach discomfort (e.g., nausea, bloating, cramping) associated with consuming high amounts of protein

  • Effective at digesting whey, casein, egg, soy, hemp and pea proteins.

For protein to be effective (i.e., utilized by the body), it must be broken down into smaller particles (i.e., amino acids). It’s these “building blocks” of protein that the body uses for growth, recovery, and repair. 

ProHydrolase® has been shown to be substantially more effective at delivering protein to muscles than any other enzyme used in other protein supplements. 

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