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What's new with Brain Bright? (01/24)Updated 2 months ago

We’re so glad that you asked, as we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about the new BRAIN BRIGHT formula, which we think will make a BIG difference when it comes to your mental energy, clarity, focus, and performance! 

In an effort to make our BRAIN BRIGHT formula even stronger, we went straight to the source: our fantastic existing users, whom we polled to help us understand which ingredients and benefits were most important. Our findings were enlightening, as we learned that, more than anything, customers highlighted the importance of BRAIN BRIGHT having an immediate impact, and more specifically, helping clear through brain fog and helping boost mental alertness, clarity, and focus.

To that end, we’ve amped up BRAIN BRIGHT by introducing enXtra® and Folate while bidding farewell to some of the less critical ingredients, as indicated by existing users. Having said that, let’s see how these new ingredients take the coveted consumer benefits to the next level. For starters, enXtra® is a clinically-studied, award-winning, caffeine-free alternative that provides a same-day effect that can last up to 5 hours, promoting mental alertness, focus, and mental energy without the “crash” phenomenon or disrupting sleep. Meanwhile, numerous studies have shown that Folate supplementation can improve cognitive health and performance, as Folate supports proper homocysteine metabolism and promotes a healthy inflammatory response.

What’s more, another request that we heard from customers was that we transition the formulation away from tablets. So, guess what else you’ll notice with the new BRAIN BRIGHT? Veggie capsules! That’s right, no more tablets. Last, but not least, there are also a couple of noteworthy changes to the directions with the new BRAIN BRIGHT. First, you no longer have to take it on an empty stomach; you can take it with a meal (e.g., breakfast or lunch). Secondly, you only have to take it once a day. More simply put, take 2 capsules once daily, with a meal, and let this fast-acting daily mental booster do the rest, as we expect you to enjoy increased mental alertness, clarity, energy, concentration, and performance – without the crash! 

Sounds pretty amazing, right? We sure think so, and we’re quite certain you will too!



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