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Can Brain Bright be taken with food?

Yes, you may take Brain Bright with food. We do suggest that it preferably be taken on an empty stomach, as that may yield the greatest acute cognitive enhancement benefits. Click Here To Learn More About Brain Bright

Can I have wine with Brain Bright?

It is recommended to take Brain Bright on an empty stomach to fully absorb all the nutrients. Click Here To Learn More About Brain Bright

Do we have an alternative supplement for Brain Bright?

If you're looking for additional cognitive support, you may consider the following supplements:. Ageless Body. MetaboGreens. OmegaKrill. Pro-X10. Click Here To Learn More About Brain Bright

Does increasing the recommended amount of Brain Bright dosage cause it to work better?

To a certain degree, taking more Brain Bright can have a greater effect. For instance, for enhanced focus and concentration, we recommend taking two tablets at once. We do not recommend taking more than two tablets at one time, and we do not recommen

How do I know Brain Bright is working?

The neuro-nutrients in Brain Bright have been shown to acutely improve focus and attention—benefits that you can feel nearly immediately. What’s more, with regular, consistent use, Brain Bright supports optimal brain health and improved short-term me

How long BEFORE eating should I take Brain Bright? Will Brain Bright work if I take it AFTER I eat my meal?

We recommend that Brain Bright preferentially be taken without food (i.e., empty stomach), a recommendation that may enhance the acute benefits of the supplement. An "empty stomach" varies considerably from one person to the next, but it may be broad

How long does one dose of Brain Bright last in the body?

There are many factors (such as age, gender, genetics, and diet) that can affect the metabolism of dietary supplements, and as individuals vary, so too can results. Generally speaking, when Brain Bright is taken as directed, you can expect to notice

If the Brain Bright tablets are too large to swallow, how would you recommend consuming the product?

We recommend crushing the Brain Bright tables and dissolving the ground powder in water. We also recommend cutting them in half for consumption if the tablet is too large. Click Here To Learn More About Brain Bright

What does Brain Bright do?

Studies show that the key, individual neuro-nutrients in Brain Bright:. Improve mental focus and concentration. Improve short-term memory. Support brain health. Click Here To Learn More About Brain Bright

What is Brain Bright?

Brain Bright is our brain enhancement formula that has been scientifically designed to naturally help recharge your “drained brain” in three unique ways:. providing both acute cognitive enhancement (that you can feel nearly immediately). optimal brai

What makes Brain Bright different from other brain enhancement supplements?

Brain Bright is a combination of several key neuro-nutrients standardized for quality and delivered in the most effective forms and amounts backed by human research. On the other hand, the majority of brain enhancement products make use of “proprieta

How does Brain Bright work?

Brain Bright offers triple-action brain enhancement with three unique approaches to brighten a “drained brain”:

Directions: What is the best way to use Brain Bright?

Take two (2) tablets once (1) per day, preferably with food.

What's new with Brain Bright? (01/24)

We’re so glad that you asked, as we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about the new BRAIN BRIGHT formula, which we think will make a BIG difference when it comes to your mental energy, clarity, focus, and performance!. In an effort to make our BRA