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Do any BioTrust products contain...?


Do BioTrust products contain caffeine or other stimulants?

BioTrust products are caffeine- and stimulant-free. *MetaboGreens is a non-stimulant formula and contains no added caffeine. Note: There is a negligible amount of caffeine (i.e., < 2mg) per serving; this is less than the amount of caffeine in a cup o

Do any BioTrust products contain creatine?

Ageless Muscle contains creatine.

Do any BioTrust products contain MSG?

No, BioTrust products do not contain MSG.

Do any BioTrust products contain the ingredient Ace K?

There is no Ace K in any BioTRUST product.

Do any BioTrust products contain aborted human fetal cells?

No, BioTrust does not use aborted human fetal cells in any of our products

Which BioTrust products contain titanium dioxide?

Brain Bright and OmegaKrill 5X contain titanium dioxide.

Are BioTrust product containers and bottles BPA-free?

Yes, all our bottles are BPA-free.

Are BioTrust products made with natural ingredients?

All BioTrust supplements are made with natural ingredients.

Are BioTrust products gluten-free?

Yes, all BioTrust products are gluten-free. We test our products for gluten using test methods and limits approved by the FDA. In order to be labeled “Gluten-Free,” the FDA requires that a product be less than 20ppm.  Our products are required to mee