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Eternal Mind - Brain Longevity and Cognition

What does Eternal Mind do?

Eternal Mind was meticulously designed to support your long-term mental fitness goals and to help keep your brain and memory sharp now and as you age. With its one-of-a-kind formula – including clinically-studied ingredients like Nutricog®, VitaCholi

How does Eternal Mind work?

With its unique and robust formulation – including clinically-studied Nutricog®, VitaCholine®, and Phosphatidylserine, along with key brain vitamins B6 and B12 – Eternal Mind helps keep cognitively sharp as you age by:

How long do I have to use Eternal Mind before I see results? (How quickly will I see benefits from using Eternal Mind?)

Even though Eternal Mind was formulated to support your long-term mental fitness aspirations, the ingredients in Eternal Mind go to work right away to help keep your brain and memory sharp starting today. Along those lines, we expect you to notice ap

Why should I use Eternal Mind?

Whether you’re worried about things like losing your car keys, forgetting the names of familiar faces, or losing your train of thought sometime down the road or you’ve already begun to experience firsthand what it feels like to have an “old brain”, E

Who would benefit best from using Eternal Mind?

With its one-of-a-kind formula featuring several clinically-studied ingredients and key brain nutrients, Eternal Mind was thoughtfully formulated to help:

What type of product is Eternal Mind?

Simply put, there’s nothing else quite like this brain longevity and cognitive support supplement. With its collection of key, research-backed brain nutrients, Eternal Mind was thoughtfully and meticulously formulated to help keep your brain and memo

What’s the best way to use Eternal Mind?

We recommend taking two (2) capsules daily. Please note that Eternal Mind can be taken with or without food and can be taken at any time of the day.

How should Eternal Mind be used in conjunction with other BioTRUST products?

While there are no specific concerns in combining Eternal Mind with other BioTrust products, keep in mind that Eternal Mind contains a lot of methylcobalamin (vitamin B12), which can also be found in other BioTrust products, such as Brain Bright. It

How many servings are in each bottle of Eternal Mind?

There are 30 servings in each bottle of Eternal Mind; along those lines, each bottle of Eternal Mind provides a 30-day supply when used once daily, as directed.

Where is Eternal Mind made?

Like all BioTrust products, Eternal Mind is manufactured in the USA.

Are there any allergy concerns with Eternal Mind?

Eternal Mind contains Phosphatidylserine, which is derived from Soy, and it is manufactured in a facility that also processes eggs, wheat, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, crustacean shellfish, and fish.

Is Eternal Mind gluten-free?

Yes, Eternal Mind is gluten-free.

Can vegetarians use Eternal Mind?

Yes, Eternal Mind is vegetarian-friendly. It contains no animal-derived ingredients and uses vegetarian capsules.

What is the shelf-life for Eternal Mind?

Eternal Mind has a two-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing.

What is the best way to store Eternal Mind?

The product should be stored in a cool, clean, dry environment, out of direct sunlight, with the lid tightly closed.

How is Eternal Mind packaged and sealed?

Eternal Mind comes in a signature BioTrust cobalt blue bottle with a white ribbed child-resistant cap. Each bottle contains a desiccant sachet and cotton fill, and it is equipped with a heat-induction seal and a clear perforated neckband.

What if I’m already taking Brain Bright? Which product is right for me?

The short answer is that you can use both Brain Bright and Eternal Mind to help keep your brain and memory sharp today and as you age. That is because these two supplements were carefully formulated to distinctly support your short- and long-term men

Can I continue using Eternal Mind long-term?

Yes, Eternal Mind is intended for continuous long-term use.