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Eternal Reds™ — Great-Tasting Red Superfoods Powder

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How does Eternal Reds work?

Eternal Reds provides an energizing blend of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants, and performance nutrients to support radiant vitality and energy levels, lasting stamina, healthy circulation, whole-body health, and longevity. Click Here To Learn More

What is Eternal Reds?

Eternal Reds, the world’s best-tasting red juice (with no added sugar or caffeine), is a rejuvenating reds powder that combines 8 of the world’s most rejuvenating, polyphenol-rich red superfoods with a one-of-a-kind performance blend to help you stay

With what other BioTRUST products does Eternal Reds work best?

While Eternal Reds can safely be used with all BioTRUST products, it is best used along with complementary products that provide additional support for energy, vitality, circulation, heart health, and anti-aging, such as Ageless Body, Ageless Multi-C

Why do the directions on Eternal Reds advise to "consume immediately?"

The purpose of consuming right away is so that you can enjoy the product at peak potency (and to reap the greatest benefits). The ingredients are subject to oxidation (i.e., they are sensitive to environmental conditions such as heat, light, oxygen,