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Can I take too much of MetaboGreens? Is there an upper limit for use of MetaboGreens?

We recommend a maximum of two servings per day. Click Here To Learn More About MetaboGreens

Can MetaboGreens be frozen? For instance, can it be used to make popsicles, slushies, etc.?

Yes, there is no concern with freezing MetaboGreens. The ingredients in MetaboGreens are subject to oxidation, and along those lines, we recommend that you avoid heat (e.g., cooking), light, air (i.e., oxygen), and moisture to maintain maximum potenc

Do I still need to take a multi-vitamin if I take MetaboGreens?

MetaboGreens is not a significant source of vitamins and minerals, and it can be taken concomitantly with a high-quality multivitamin/mineral supplement. Click Here To Learn More About MetaboGreens

Does MetaboGreens have to be refrigerated after being opened?

No, we recommend that you store your container of MetaboGreens in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, tightly sealed. Click Here To Learn More About MetaboGreens

How does MetaboGreens work?

MetaboGreens provides over 40 phytonutrient-rich vegetable, fruit, and herbal superfood ingredients packed with polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants that help fight cellular aging by combatting evil free radicals. Because they help combat exces

How many flavors of MetaboGreens are available?

MetaboGreens is available in one amazingly delicious flavor: Energizing Berry. Click Here To Learn More About MetaboGreens

How many tablespoons are in one scoop of MetaboGreens?

One serving of MetaboGreens is equivalent to about heaping 1 tablespoon. However, this is not intended to serve as a suggested serving size. We recommend using the scoop that is included with the container. For reference, the volume of the scoop is 1

Is MetaboGreens a pill or powder supplement?

MetaboGreens is a powder superfood supplement. Click Here To Learn More About MetaboGreens

Is MetaboGreens to be used/considered as a meal replacement?

No, MetaboGreens is not a meal replacement. Click Here To Learn More About MetaboGreens

Is there a difference in taking both servings of MetaboGreens at once, or spreading them out throughout the day?

It’s fine to take two servings of MetaboGreens at one time. That being said, if you struggle with energy lulls and/or cravings at multiple times during the day, you may find that taking one serving of MetaboGreens twice daily may be better to both en

What is MetaboGreens?

MetaboGreens combines an energizing blend of over 40 nutrient-rich vegetable, fruit, and herbal superfood extracts into the world’s most delicious superfood blend—optimized with polyphenols, which are the antioxidants that give plants their superpowe

Would the shelf life of MetaboGreens be affected if the container is left open?

At this time, we only have stability data for bags of MetaboGreens that are stored as recommended. While we cannot be sure how much the shelf-life would be affected if the package was left open, the ingredients are sensitive to environmental elements

Why should I consume MetaboGreens immediately after mixing?

We recommend consuming MetaboGreens immediately after mixing to ensure optimal sensory characteristics (e.g., taste, texture). Click Here To Learn More About MetaboGreens

Why do the directions on MetaboGreens advise to "consume immediately?"

The purpose of consuming right away is so that you can enjoy the product at peak potency (and to reap the greatest benefits). The ingredients are subject to oxidation (i.e., they are sensitive to environmental conditions such as heat, light, oxygen,

Is there any concern taking MetaboGreens along with Pro-X10, which also contains a prebiotic (i.e., PreforPro®)?

No, in fact, these two products are very complementary. While MetaboGreens contains prebiotic fibers, which can help feed the healthy bacteria in the gut and in Pro-X10, Pro-X10 contains a non-fiber prebiotic in PreforPro. With that being said, indiv