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Mojo H2O™ - Healthy Water Enhancer


Mojo H2O Ingredients

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How does Mojo H2O work?

This better-for-you water enhancer makes drinking water a breeze, transforming plain water into an instant flavor-filled drink with a delicious and satisfying taste you’ll love--with no sugar, no carbs, no calories, no artificial sweeteners, or other

How many bottles come in a package of Mojo H2O?

Mojo H2O is sold as a 4-pack (4 bottles of a single flavor). Click Here To Learn More About Mojo H2O

What flavors are available for Mojo H2O?

Please visit for a full list of Mojo H2O flavors. Click Here To Learn More About Mojo H2O

What is Mojo H2O?

Mojo H2O is our great-tasting healthy water enhancer with B vitamins and electrolytes to support optimal hydration, energy, and metabolism. Unlike so many other water enhancers, hydration drinks and drink mixes that contain unhealthy additives (such