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How is BellyTrim XP different from other CLA products?

BellyTrim XP:. Includes the precise amount of effective ingredients, specifically two CLA isomers, which have been proven in studies to decrease body fat, increase lean body mass, and improve body composition. Provides a 50/50 blend of CLA isomers/ty

How should I take BellyTrim XP if I incorporate intermittent fasting?

If you incorporate daily intermittent fasting, you should take 2 softgels with your noon shake and 2 softgels with dinner. Click Here To Learn More About BellyTrim XP

Is BellyTrim XP approved for use on a Paleo diet?

Yes, it is. Safflower oil is derived from a seed/nut so there should be no problem taking this product if you are following a Paleo diet. Typical safflower oils found in grocery stores, processed foods, etc., are rife in the polyunsaturate omega-6 fa

Is BellyTrim XP effective in reducing elevations of cortisol?

There is some research that supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), the primary ingredient in BellyTrim XP, lessens the "catabolic" effect of exercise when combined with strength training. Researchers believe this may be attributed to a

Is it alright to take BellyTrim XP on an empty stomach?

We would advise taking all BioTRUST products as directed, and for BellyTrim XP, we recommend that you take two (2) softgels with breakfast and two (2) softgels with dinner. You may take BellyTrim XP with breakfast and dinner, lunch and dinner, or any

Is it safe to consume alcohol while taking BellyTrim XP?

We neither condemn nor condone moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages. Along those lines, there is evidence that moderate consumption of alcohol may be related to improvements in various biomarkers (e.g., markers of inflammation) and aspects of

Is the outside of the BellyTrim XP softgel supposed to be oily?

While there is pomegranate seed oil in the capsules, they should not be oily on the outside of the softgel. If the softgels are oily on the outside, please contact our customer support team so that we may further assist you. Click Here To Learn More

What is BellyTrim XP?

BellyTrim XP contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is one of the most clinically-studied weight loss supplements. It has been shown to significantly reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. It may also help promote weight maintenan

Will BellyTrim XP affect my C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels?

At this time, no study has examined the effect of the combination of ingredients in BellyTrim XP on C-reactive protein. If you are on any medications we do recommend you consult your physician for approval before taking BellyTrim XP. Click Here To Le

Will BellyTrim XP help my triglyceride level?

At this time, no study has examined the effect of the combination of ingredients in BellyTrim XP on blood triglycerides. Having said that, there is evidence that supplementation with 400mg of pomegranate seed oil twice daily (same as in BellyTrim XP)

Will the good fats in BellyTrim XP increase cholesterol?

It has no effect on cholesterol. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a naturally-occurring trans fatty acid that is very different than industrial-produced trans fatty acids. While there are a number of negative health outcomes associated with the intake of

Can I take BellyTrim XP if I take an Omega 3 supplement daily?

There should be no interactions between an omega-3 supplement and the conjugated linoleic acid in BellyTrim XP. With that said, we have an outstanding Omega 3 and Krill oil product called OmegaKrill. With its combination of pure and potent omega-3 fa

Do any of our products contain CLA?

BellyTrim XP is a CLA formula. Click Here To Learn More About BellyTrim XP